Jänner, 2018

23Jan19:00The Platform#CityDisruptive Technologies, Innovation Hubs and the Passion Economy with Maren Richter Organisator: TU Wien, Institut für Kunst und Gestaltung


We would like to invite you to the exhibition and discussion

The Platform#City
Disruptive Technologies, Innovation Hubs and the Passion Economy
with Maren Richter

As the composition of economic growth has now shifted toward knowledge-based creative ventures (cloud-based software, social media, mobile applications, etc.), cities around the world are outcompeting each other to attract a strong talent pool of young creatives and innovators in the hope that venture capital will follow in their wake, resulting in crops of fast-growing companies. Successful campaigns often include the invention of new architectural typologies evoking notions of co-working and co-living to suggest a febrile atmosphere of creativity and entrepreneurship. Revolving around „urban rooms“, communal spaces and pop-up entertainment, these new architectures focus on the creation of fluid circulation and meeting spaces so that the incoming human capital (millennials and tech professionals) can be „put to work“ -interacting and exchanging with investment patrons, clients, customers and peers alike.

Students in the module programme „Visuelle Kultur“ at TU Wien have addressed this new form of speculative urbanism from a range of different theoretical and practical perspectives. Interrogating ongoing shifts in political thinking, economic frameworks, global connectivity, communication channels, cultural aspirations, as well as building technologies and architectural practices they have created multi-dimensional mappings that seek to make tangible the plurality of actors, forces and ideas involved in realizing the „Platform City“.

Maren Richter will guide through the exhibition, discussing connections between students works and her own critical practice.

Works by: Rupert Amann, Ludovica Battista, Dominik Breitfuß, Nikola Chytil, Alexander Grüner, Nora Helf, Georg Hofbauer, Maximilian Holl, Lauren Janko, Tereza Konasova, Jakob Reider, Hugo Rosenlund, Vezi Rukiye, Michael Rylko, Nura Sehovic, Lisa Wachholder, Koroglu Yusuf

Maren Richter is a curator, art critic and researcher based in Austria. She co-initiated the collaborative project “Grammar of Urgencies”, currently focusing on “Fleeting Territories”, and is the
curator of ECOC Valletta 2018 in Malta.


Time: Tuesday, 23.01.2018, 7pm
Location: Nordbahn-Halle, Leystraße/Taborstraße, 1020 Wien


23. Jänner 19:00



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